Junior Golf Program

Royal Canberra Golf Club offers a progressive program for children aged between 6 and 17 years who are interested in learning and acquiring the skills necessary to develop a lifelong love for the game of golf. Structured tuition is an essential part of the program with weekly practice sessions and on-course experience provided for Juniors and Cadets to participate in a fun and encouraging environment.


1/2 Hour: $50 

1 Hour: $100


10 x 1/2 Hour: $450 (1 sessions at no charge)

10 x 1 Hour: $800 (2 sessions at no charge)

10 x 1 Hour: $1000 (includes 1 x 9 Hole Playing Lesson at no charge)

Junior & Cadet Practice Sessions

During the school terms, Junior & Cadet Practices are conducted on weekends and are open to Members and non-members. Working in small groups of 6 – 10, the sessions target development in all areas of golf from physical literacy, the basic elements of the game such as putting, chipping and the full-swing, playing skills, social behaviour and etiquette. Non-members may participate in 1 FREE TRIAL session prior to joining as cadet or junior members. Before participating, non-members must contact and be assessed by the Junior Development Coordinator, Damon Welsford.

Practice sessions include:

  • One hour golf clinic with PGA accredited teaching professional
  • Tuition range balls
  • Golf clubs are available to use during the clinics if required.

Session Times

Saturday 13:00pm – 14:00pm – Cadet B’s & Cadet C’s only
Saturday 14:00pm – 15:00pm – Full Juniors & Cadet A’s only

Sunday 13:00pm – 14:00pm – Full Juniors & Cadet A’s only
Sunday 14:00pm – 15:00pm – Cadet B’s & Cadet C’s only

Junior & Cadet On-Course Experience

Our on-course experience gives juniors the opportunity to play golf with the support and direction of our Golf Professionals.

Saturday – Open to all Junior Membership Categories

Sunday  – Open to all Junior Membership Categories

  • 15:30pm start during Daylight Savings Time
  • 15:00pm start during Standard Time

Please check-in at the Golf Shop 15 minutes before tee off.

Contact the Golf Shop on (02) 6240 2250 to book a place.

Group Separation 

To enhance the delivery and learning experience of Cadet and Junior Golfers we have divided the program into two major groups. The separation is mostly based on skill level and assists the Professional to communicate and conduct the session effectively to the overall level of the group.  

Group 1: Full Juniors and Cadet A’s
Group 2: Cadet B’s and Cadet C’s 

Course Modification

To allow for natural development of on-course playing skills and confidence, the golf course length needs to match the skill level and distance the golfer can hit the ball. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears the course length needs to be just right for the golfer to develop. If the course is too short or too long for the player, development can be impaired. 

Cadet to Junior Progression

The Royal Canberra Golf Club Junior Program is comprised of levels that progressively transition from beginner to advanced levels of skill. The categories are: Cadet C, Cadet B, Cadet A, Junior Development and Junior Elite. Progression from one category to the next is assessed on handicap, skill competencies, rules knowledge, etiquette and social behaviour.

Cadet C – Introduction

  • Modified Short Course: Par 3’s 75m, Par 4’s 150m, Par 5’s 200m
  • Supervised On-Course
  • Handicapping to track playing ability
  • Eligible for Tyro Shield Junior Pennant Squad

Cadet B – Beginner

  • Modified Short Course: Par 3’s 100m, Par 4’s 200m, Par 5’s 275m
  • Supervised On-Course
  • Handicapping to track playing ability
  • Eligible for Tyro Shield Junior Pennant Squad

Cadet A – Advanced

  • Modified Gold Tee course (approximately 70-75% of full course length)
  • Supervised On-Course
  • Handicapping to track playing ability
  • Eligible for Tyro Shield Junior Pennant Squad


  • Full course length (Girls: Red Tees, Boys: White Tees)
  • Official Golf Australia (GA) Handicap
  • Eligible for ACT-Monaro DGA Junior Pennant
  • Eligible to practice & participate in Members competitions (unsupervised)
  • Eligible to participate in local, regional and national junior events
  • Junior Development Squad: GA Handicap 10.0 and above
  • Junior Elite Squad: GA Handicap 9.9 and below

*Requires full Junior Membership subscription.

Interclub Events

There are two major interclub events that Junior and Cadet Members are eligible to participate in pending selection in the respective squads;

Tyro Shield Junior Pennant

  • Cadet C, Cadet B and Cadet A Member categories
  • Played during October to December

ACT Monaro DGA Junior Pennant

  • Full Junior 1 and Junior 2 Members category only
  • Played during February to April

School Holiday Events

During the school holidays the Junior Golf Program will run similar to a training camp. These training days are longer in duration and allow for multiple sessions throughout the day. Sessions include: long game, short game and on-course play. 

Cadet Membership Conditions

Our Cadet category of membership is designed to assist and develop young people in both practice and play. 

Young people between the ages of 6 and 17 years may become Cadet Members of Royal Canberra Golf Club on the following basis:

  • Cadet Membership is for a maximum period of two years (4 x 6 Monthly Cadetships).
  • Junior Golf Program Code of Conduct will be required to be signed by both a parent and child participating in the program.
  • Playing rights:
    • use of practice facilities
    • may play in Cadet competitions once a cadet handicap has been established and the Junior Development Coordinator has approved readiness for on-course play
    • no reciprocal rights.
  • Practice sessions will be provided by one of our PGA teaching professionals at no extra cost to Members.
  • All behaviour and course etiquette will be carefully monitored by the Junior Development Coordinator and Golf Shop Staff.


  • No Club Entrance Fee
  • An all-inclusive subscription fee of $400 for ‘six months Cadetship’
  • Any fees paid as a Junior Cadet, will be offset against the Entrance Fee on joining the Club as a full Junior Member

2019 Term Dates

Term 1: February 4th to April 28th 2019
Term 2: April 29th to July 21st 2019
Term 3: July 22nd to October 13th 2019
Term 4: October 14th to February 3rd 2020

2020 Term Dates

Term 1: February 4th to April 26th 2020
Term 2: April 27th to July 19th 2020
Term 3: July 20th to October 11th 2020
Term 4: October 12th to February 1st 2021

For further information on the Junior Golf Program call Damon Welsford on 02 6240 2250 or email Damon.Welsford@royalcanberra.com.au

We look forward to welcoming you to our Junior Program.