Course Report: 12 September

The renovation period and the over-sowing of fairways and green surrounds begins next week. The team have been extremely busy preparing the course for both, as well as maintaining the rest of the course.

Fairways 1-9 have been scarified in 3 directions. This process is crucial as it removes excess thatch and allows seed to soil contact, maximising germination. This process is long and tedious but we are seeing some fantastic results. While it may look like we have ripped fairways apart, please note this is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Seed preparation will be completed on holes 1-9 on Thursday.

The 4th green has been renovated. We used this green as a trial and this was a valuable test, as we were able to recognise inefficiencies in our processes. We are confident that the problems we identified have been rectified and will allow us to utilise our resources effectively on the remaining greens.

We will need to work continuously on our cultural practices (coring, aerifying, grooming, scarifying and top-dressing) over the next twelve months to get these greens back to being the best condition in the region.

The next month will be extremely busy for the maintenance team, as we will be undertaking some large projects such as greens renovations, tees renovation, seed preparation on the championship course, seeding and topdressing. Please keep in mind that all of these tasks are outside our usual duties and require a large amount of labour. Regular maintenance may be altered slightly to achieve the best results for the projects listed above.

Ryan Stores
Assistant Course Superintendent

Demonstration of Graden scarifyer and Seed preparation on the 9th

Filed under: Course, Latest News | Published on 12th September 2019