Course Report: 15 August

After the warmest and driest July in many years we finally received some rain. Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw 13.5mm in the rain gauge. With this rain came the wind and snow. On Saturday morning when I arrived at the shed there was a light covering of snow on the ground. I’m sure many of you saw the snow settle on the Brindabella ranges and it made for a picturesque setting for golf.

The weather has been dictating what we have been able to achieve on the course, with cold temperatures preventing the grass from growing. Tuesday was the first time in over a month that the green surrounds needed a cut. I’m still not seeing enough growth on fairways to warrant mowing them at this time. Soil temperatures are lingering around 5-9 degrees at the moment and for creeping bent grass to actively grow, soil temperatures need to be in the range of 12-18 degrees. Day time temperatures later in the week look good and will hopefully give the grass a much needed boost.

Ryan Stores
Assistant Course Superintendent

Snow on the Brindabella Ranges

Filed under: Course, Latest News | Published on 15th August 2019