Course Report: 18 October

The overcast days have been consistent of late but have produced very little rainfall. The surrounding region has been getting quite a lot of rain but Canberra has not been so fortunate.

On course, the crew have been busy with heavier growth and the required mowing across all surfaces has hampered any projects from being completed. It is nice to see the growth however, as this enhances the mowing patterns that can look so spectacular. Greens are about a week away from being back to normal. Recovery has been a little slower than expected but with the cool nights and overcast days this is not surprising. The focus from here is to firm them up and gain good ball speeds for Club Championships.

Irrigation installation is almost complete with one more day of work for the contractor to cross in front of the 15th creek. This will complete irrigation work for this year. We are also getting closer to completing the garden bed adjacent to the 15th green where we have been importing soil for some time now. Irrigation will follow and then planting. I expect this project to be wrapped up by the middle of November.

The Couch spraying has begun with the front nine scheduled to be completed by the end of the week. With heavy rain forecast on Wednesday, I was a little hesitant to spray. The rain did not eventuate so we shall continue in full flight once the crew complete their morning setup of the course. A reminder to please avoid these areas at all costs especially when approaching the green.

A granular fertiliser was applied to the fairways on Brindabella in preparation for the warmer weather. These fairways should kick on beautifully in the coming week and it will be difficult to keep up with the frequent mowing they will require. I am encouraged by the continual improvements to these fairways over the past couple of years.

Next week’s focus will be to bring greens up to the standard we all expect for Club Championships and also blitz through our bunkers with a trim and tidy. Good luck to all involved in the Championships and may my putting improve.

Ben Grylewicz
Course Superintendent

The crew mowing fairways in front of the second round of Women’s Club Championships.

Filed under: Course, Latest News | Published on 18th October 2018