Local Rules Update

Please note that there has been an update to the ‘Lift, Clean and Place’ Local Rule. Click here for all Local Rules.

Irrigation Works, Bare Patches and Returfed Surfaces
Effective 28 July 2018

Relief without penalty under Rule 25-1 (Abnormal Ground Conditions) is provided for interference from any of the following conditions:
1. Irrigation Works
Interference from irrigation work is considered to exist when the condition interferes with the Lie of the ball, a player’s stance or the area of their intended swing, through the green.
2. Bare patches on fairways
Interference from bare patches (not including divot holes) is considered to exist only when the ball lies on a bare patch of earth on a closely-mown area. Relief is not granted for interference to a player’s stance or the area of their intended swing.
3. Returfed areas on fairways
When a ball lies within a returfed area on a closely-mown surface, that area MUST be treated as GUR and you are required to take a compulsory drop within one club-length of the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole. The ball may be cleaned when lifted.
*‘Closely-mown’ is defined as any grassed area cut to fairway height or less.

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