Course Report: 14 June

Get the winter woollies out as this week we will see a nosedive in the temperature. A top temperature of six degrees is forecast for Sunday with the potential for some snow flurries. This week we have received 12mm of rainfall which was desperately needed. This won’t go a long way as the dry conditions are deep within the soil. Inches of rainfall will be required for the course to fully recover from the recent dry conditions. The crew have been working on turfing areas of green surrounds along with paying close attention to leaf debris. The leaf matter around the course is enormous and takes many man hours to get under control. In the future I am hopeful that we are able to acquire the best possible equipment to help facilitate this process.

Last week I had the crew out on a walk and talk tour of the Yarralumla nine to discuss some issues we are facing, along with educating them on how we may be able to eliminate some of these problems. Turning boards have now been put in place to stop the wear on the immediate greens surrounds where mowers are constantly turning. This was a practice we used when I was working overseas and while it does take slightly longer it provides protection to these areas. The photo below demonstrates this process. Other topics for discussion were spraying practices and traffic management. These tours are beneficial as they provide an open forum for staff to raise questions and assist in finding solutions.

You may have noticed that the mulch contractor is back to clear our green waste area. Unfortunately this machine is noisy and at times dusty however these works should be completed within the next month.

Next week my assistant Dave, mechanic Shane and I will be traveling to New Zealand for a work conference. This will be an exciting opportunity for us all to talk and mix with peers and colleagues in our respective fields. I hope to come back with some new and innovative ideas on ways to improve our Club.

Ben Grylewicz
Course Superintendent

Filed under: Course, Latest News | Published on 14th June 2018