Birds of Royal Canberra Golf Course

A long-term Member of Royal Canberra Golf Club, Doctor Jim McCracken, documented 76 species of birds observed on the Westbourne Woods during the first 40 years. This list was published in the 75th anniversary booklet in 2001, unfortunately at that time there were no images to accompany the list. Members may be familiar with some of the species whilst others are rarely seen. From January 2020, once a month, the Royal Email will publish a brief biography with photographs of the various birds that can be seen and we hope that this will enhance your enjoyment whilst out on the course and add to your knowledge of these fascinating and beautiful birds.

As the bird biographies are published in the Royal Email, they will be added to the list below as a hyperlink. We hope you enjoy our biographies.

Australian Wood Duck

Australian King Parrot

Australian Grey Butcherbird

* A special thanks goes to Lindell Emerton and Peter French for providing the biographies

Filed under: Course, Latest News | Published on 25th March 2020