Course Report: 16 August


The consistently windy conditions sweeping across the course are not only frustrating to golfers but also put pressure on the maintenance crew as it delays chemical applications. Typically, we postpone any applications when winds exceed 15km per hour.

This week our irrigation installation for roughs has commenced with Waterland Irrigation starting yesterday on the 18th. For us, the big focus will be to follow in behind them to level trenches and apply seed to these areas. It is anticipated that they will be here for just over a month, depending on the weather.

I have been a little disappointed with the recent green speeds, but the heavy frosts have prevented us from getting onto the greens until late. Hopefully now with temperatures starting to increase we will be able to work the greens back to a level we all appreciate. This week, due to the lack of frost we have been able to complete three rolls already. Fairways and surrounds on 1-18 have been cut for the upcoming events.

Rua and his team have been busy with the removal of trees in line with our tree management plan. The Claret Ash trees left of the 10th green have been removed along with some dead Radiata  from 7 and 18. In the coming weeks we hope to work towards some major stump removal.

On Monday we completed another Poa application and we are in good shape for this time of year. At this stage there is little to no sign of any new seedhead emerging which is promising. The Poa program is very extensive and timing is critical, so at this stage we are on track. Of course there are still old Poa plants out there and we hope to reduce their size and vigorous nature.


Ben Grylewicz
Course Superintendent

Filed under: Course, Latest News | Published on 16th August 2018