Membership Promotion

Royal Canberra Golf Club, in partnership with ALPG and ActewAGL is delighted to announce the return of the ActewAGL Canberra Classic from 9 to 11 February 2018.

Royal Canberra Golf Club is currently accepting Nominations for Membership and to celebrate the hosting of the ActewAGL Canberra Classic the following 2017/18 Entrance Fee and Annual Subscriptions apply to COB 28 February 2018:


Nominations for Full Playing membership received prior to COB 28 February 2018 will attract an Entrance Fee of $4500.00 if paid up front on joining


$7200 (if paid in 4 equal instalments of $1800 over 4 years)


For Full Playing Membership

28 years of age and over $4,653.00
24 to 27 years of age $3,528.00
18 to 23 years of age $2,298.00
17 years of age $923.00
8 to 16 years of age $651.00

Membership is by nomination through a current Member, however, if you are not acquainted with an existing Member, please contact our Membership Manager who will be able to assist you in progressing your application.

For further information regarding Membership at Royal Canberra please contact our

Membership Manager, Mary-ann Zander

Phone: 02 6282 7000        Email:

Filed under: Latest News | Published on 25th January 2018