Playing Membership

The following information outlines the procedures involved in becoming a playing member of the Club.

  1. Nomination forms, which can only be issued to Members, are to be completed by your proposer, seconder, and three referees who must all know you personally and be Members of Royal Canberra Golf Club. *If you are not acquainted with an existing Member, please contact our Membership Manager who will be able to assist you in progressing your application.
  2. When the nomination is lodged with the office, it is posted on the official notice board for 28 days to notify Members.  It is then considered in turn by the Membership Sub-Committee and the Board for approval.
  3. If approved and after you have attended a New Member Information briefing you will be placed on the Membership Waitlist. At that time you will be invoiced for the Entrance Fee (which may be paid either in full or in instalments) and the applicable annual subscription for Waitlist members (pro-rated to 30thJune). Waitlist members have some limited playing rights.
  4. When a full playing position becomes available, you will be offered Restricted membership. It is not possible to estimate the length of waiting time before a Restricted position is likely to be available, nor, subsequently, how long before elevation from Restricted membership to Ordinary 7-Day membership will be available.
  5. Restricted Members may only enter the Wednesday competition by placing their names on the booking sheet after 8am on the Monday prior to the competition.  Restricted Members are not able to stand for the Board.

Clubhouse Membership

Nomination to become a non-playing member requires a proposer and seconder.  The form is posted on the official notice board for 28 days and with the approval of the members of the Board, you are offered Clubhouse Membership.  As a Clubhouse Member you have full use of the clubhouse facilities to entertain friends and attend club functions.  Clubhouse Members have no playing rights.

 2017/18 Fee Schedule

Entrance Fee for new members: (including GST)

Clubhouse Member $230.00
Junior Playing Member $2250
Full Playing Member $6000 if paid up front at time of joining


$7200 in 4 annual installments of $1800

Immediate Family Playing Member $4500

Annual membership subscriptions as at 1/07/2017: (including GST, Hospitality Account and Clubhouse Levy)

Clubhouse/Waitlist Member $887.00
Restricted Member $4,653.00
Ordinary Full Playing
Junior Playing (8 – 16 y.o.a.)
Junior Playing (17 y.o.a.)
Other categories available include Diplomatic, Temporary and Junior.

Cadet Membership

To ensure the continued growth of golf into the future our aim is to encourage juniors to join Royal Canberra, nurturing their skills whilst providing a sound introduction to the game of golf.

For information on Cadet membership click here.

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