Course Master Plan

Royal Canberra Golf Club Master Plan – Ogilvy Clayton 2013

Principles and Objectives:

  1. To retain the feel and charm of the golf course, and to re-establish, where necessary, the principles the original architect, Commander John Harris.
  2. To have more of the golf played off short grass – both around the greens and off wider fairways.
  3. To build greens reflecting the Harris principle of subtle undulation but with more efficient surface drainage. The greens (as many currently do) will reward those who play from a particular part of the fairway.
  4. To improve the aesthetics and functionality of the bunkers. The bunkers will be cut closer to the green. The bunkers will be built to ensure better conditioning and reduced maintenance.
  5. To retain the approximate level of difficulty of the current course. There is no will to make it significantly easier or more difficult. Some holes will be made ‘easier’ and some ‘harder’.
  6. To reduce similarities of length and shot at the short (par three) holes.
  7. To emphasise where practical the principle of playing over hazards on the ground as opposed to hazards in the air.
  8. To match the feel of the 3rd nine to holes 1-18 by using trees and the same architectural style and principle.
  9. To develop a long-term and sustainable grassing regime.
  10. To ensure the sustainable use of water.

Interview with Mike Clayton from Ogilvy Clayton:

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